About Overhype Store

Located in the heart of Aberdeen’s city centre, Overhype is the creation of Sam Rattray, established in August 2019. The store as you see it today is a vision we’ve been working towards since 2015. Sam started camping for exclusive trainers in Aberdeen & Glasgow to obtain these for personal use and also to earn some extra pocket money whilst at school, where he met good friend & co-founder Liam. From there, we became truly passionate about any and all sneakers, streetwear and deadstock collections we could get our hands on, hoping to one day run our own little paradise for sneaker heads in the UK. Overhype was then born as a website and Sam started visiting sneaker shows all across the UK selling limited edition sneakers & clothing. Website turned store in August 2019, when Overhyoe opened its first location in the Galleria Shopping Centre. The first and only streetwear & sneaker resell store in Scotland, A place where enthusiasts can buy, sell, and trade the most sought after streetwear brands in the world while connecting with a community sharing the same interest. After an insane amount of support from followers & a successful year trading, we have now relocated to a new store, three times the size, on the Green. We are always happy to give advice in store, whether you’re buying selling or just browsing. We source our trainers from trusted marketplaces around the world. Our close knit team of sneaker-obsessed experts have the experience to guarantee 100% authenticity on our unparalleled range of the latest, rarest and most exclusive collections.