Sneaker & Clothing Laundry Services


We carry out each service using market leading products. Stop by our shop and we'll have your sneakers ready within 24 hours. See below for the different types of services.


You can also send us your sneakers and we will clean them and deliver them back to your door!

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Our solution uses innovative Nano-Technology to repel all types of liquid and dirt in a unique formula that is suitable for suede, leather, mesh, nubuck, canvas, gore-tex and more.


We use a chisel tip pen with a special optimised valve system pump action for optimum flow control. This ensures an even, professional finish.


Your shoes will be cleaned with a marshmallow scented Premium solution. This product is an ideal product for suede, leather, mesh, nubuck, canvas, knitted uppers and more.

Deep Clean - £18

Our deep clean tends to the soles, midsoles and the fabric of the sneakers. This doesn't include the waterproofing, or midsole repaint, services.
- Adidas
- Nike
- New Balance

Premium Clean - £30

Our premium clean targets the soles, midsoles and fabric of the sneakers. This service is designed to tackle difficult materials, such as suede, and it includes waterproofing, and midsole repaint.
- Gucci
- Balenciaga
- Yeezy

Midsole Repaint - £20

Our service repaints the midsoles of your shoes using market leading sneaker pens. This service can be applied to any shoe.

Waterproofing Treatment - £10

Our waterproofing uses quality hydrophobic spray, creating a water resistant layer . Watch as water droplets bounce off your shoes! This service can be applied to any shoe.

Bundle Deal

10 Deep Cleans for £130

48h Turn Around Time


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