Overhype Raffles

We now have a dedicated website for ‘Overhype Raffles’.

The idea is simple, we plan on giving our followers the chance to win their dream luxury items without having to pay the luxury price tag! The items to expect us holding competitions for on a daily basis: Exclusive Sneakers, High end Clothing, Other Designer Goods, Luxury watches & cash prizes.

We raffle 10 new items EVERY Friday ranging from Louis Vuitton Wallets to Moncler Gilets. Why trust Overhype Raffles? Overhype has became a well established name in the streetwear industry since 2018 so we decided to open our first permanent store in August of 2019. We then moved to our second store, almost triple the size of our previous shop, on the Green in October 2020. 

New items are uploaded to the website every Friday as-well as live draws for competition winners every Thursday night on Instagram & Facebook live.

Link to website: overhyperaffles.com